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TikTok’s Viral “Boyfriend Blush” Trend Is the Secret to a Pretty Summer Flush

Blush has gone a long way since just being a pink powder we dust on our cheeks. There’s a bevy of different formulas—creams, powders, sticks, liquids—and ways to apply them. Do you use a brush? How about a sponge? The blush possibilities feel endless and at times, overwhelming. Finding the right blush routine that works best for you takes trial and error, but we might have found a solution that looks good on everyone. Enter: “Boyfriend blush.”

Despite the name, there’s no relationship status requirement to get the look. Think of it as that naturally flushed glow you get after a good workout or when you walk in the cold, and it’s TikTok’s latest buzzy trend. But, don’t let the trend’s social media origins sway you—the trend builds on classic shades and techniques, just with a buzzy new name.

Ahead, everything to know about the viral boyfriend blush trend, and how to get the look.

The Trend

TikToker Mallory Osses brought the term back into the mainstream, but the blush trend isn’t new. “I heard about this trend years ago. Maybe a decade ago” she explains in her video. Originating in the ’90s, boyfriend blush is all about a fresh, natural look—think how your cheeks would naturally flush after a long run or sweet compliment. That sporty, flushed look is what boyfriend blush is all about.


“When you think about boyfriend blush think about this” Ossess adds over a photo of young Prince Harry and William. “Do you see how they both have this flush here and it goes down? It just looks youthful and sporty.”

model wearing the boyfriend blush trend

How To Get The Look

Sculpting blush hacks have dominated TikTok for years, but boyfriend blush is less precise—it’s about looking youthful and healthy, not snatched. The trend is equally about placement as it is shade. The blush is meant to sit right on the apples of the cheeks and blend down into the lower part of the jawbone to get that sporty, just-worked-out look. It’s also added slightly to the temples for an all-over flush As for color, it’s meant to mimic the natural flush of your cheeks—maybe that’s a bright baby pink or a warm rusty red.

Sabrina Carpenter wearing the boyfriend blush trend

Even though the blush technique can work on all face shops, Osses notes that “if you have an oval-shaped face, boyfriend blush is definitely for you.” Those with oval or oblong-shaped faces have more cheek space, so the blush can be brought down to the lower part of the cheek without shortening the face. In the video, Osess is using powder, but you can use any kind of blush to get the look.

No matter your relationship status, boyfriend blush is the prettiest way to to flush all summer long.


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