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Tan France Told Us His Top Spring Style Tips, and They Couldn’t Be Easier

If spring has left you simultaneously excited and stumped about how to update your wardrobe, you’re not alone. With unpredictable weather at play and countless specific trends circulating (like the mob wifeoffice siren, and cowgirl aesthetics), we’ve probably all recently reenacted that scene from Clueless where Cher Horowitz stands amidst her piles of clothes and says she has “nothing to wear.” Luckily, we’ve gotten some insights from none other than Queer Eye‘s resident fashion expert, Tan France, who knows a thing or two about ways to switch up your outfits for spring—especially if you’re on a budget or looking for simple ways to upgrade your existing favorites. Ahead, the designer and entrepreneur talks all about spring trends, shopping and organizing tips, and the launch of the new deal-hunting browser extension Citi Shop.

The Best Spring Trends to Try

The trend cycle is faster than ever thanks to social media, leading many of us to wonder where to even start—or which styles are ideal to balance practicality with making a statement. France has been following them all, and his favorites are refreshingly wearable yet still exciting. See his spring style essentials below:

  • A statement trench coat: “[One of my favorite spring clothing trends] is a great trench,” France says, citing an example to be the leather leopard print maxi trench coat I happened to be wearing when we spoke. “I love a trench, and in particular, a maxi trench. I’m all about it.”
  • Sheer pieces: The Queer Eye star tells us that he’s currently obsessed with “sheer everything,” but if you’re intimidated by the idea, he reassures us that there are countless ways to make it work for your style. “I don’t have the confidence to wear sheer everything, but I do love accents of sheer,” he says. “Sheer under suits, sheer under a dress for people. As much sheer as you can possibly get.”
  • Oversized tailoring: Whether you need style ideas for the office or simply want to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with oversized suiting silhouettes this season. “I love an oversized suit,” France tells us. “I’m obsessed with all the ways you can break it up: You can dress it up, dress it down. A great suit is going to make you feel bomb.”
Tan France wears an oversized rainbow suit, gold jewelry, and brown shoes
  • Extra-large bags: “When it comes to accessories [this spring], I particularly love large bags,” the style expert shares, endorsing a handbag trend that’s been going strong since winter. “I couldn’t care less where it’s from, even if it’s from a regular, inexpensive store. If it’s got size and it’s got heft, I’m all about it. But I also do still love my mini bags.”
  • Loafers: “A great shoe [is essential for spring],” France emphasizes. “The loafer is still massive, and I’d say to get that loafer. It’s timeless. Even though it was so big last year, it won’t go away.”
  • Your denim of choice: Today’s top denim trends have a wide range of silhouettes and styles, and France says that you should go for whichever you’ll happily wear most. “When it comes to denim, find the fit that works for you,” he says. “I love the new baggy ‘90s fit that the kids are all excited about, but it’s not for everyone. Find the fit that makes you feel sexy and confident, and go for that.”
  • Leather everything: While it’s up to you whether you want a classic leather jacket or a unique statement, “get a great leather [piece],” the designer and entrepreneur tells us. “Whether it’s vegan leather or real leather, go for leather.”

How to Switch Up Your Spring Style

Updating your wardrobe for spring doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. France’s tips prioritize versatility, timeless staples, and personal taste, which reminds us that it’s possible to reinvent your style with just a few simple switches or additions each season rather than overhauling your entire closet.

Reimagine Your Personal Favorites

“I would say do some easy swap-outs,” France says of the quickest, most efficient route to a refreshed spring wardrobe. “If you’re a person that loves skinny jeans, change up the color or fit. If you love a suit or you live in corporate land, go for a different shape of suit. If you always go for a denim jacket, change it up by going for a leather. [All of these] don’t make you feel like you’re a different person—it’s just a new version of the same you. That’s what I like.”

Stick to Pieces You’ll Wear Again and Again

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by TikTok micro-trends and all the other short-lived obsessions circulating social media. France sees as much of these as the rest of us, and while they can be fun when you’re excited about one, they’re not his favorite. “I don’t love a trend that’s only for the moment,” he says. “I find it really wasteful. We don’t need it.”

Rather than getting into a cycle of buying pieces you might only wear once or twice, the style expert encourages leaning towards purchases that you truly love. “Really think about the things that you know that you will wear for at least a few months, if not a few years,” he says. “I will not encourage a trend that’s hot right now but you know is going to be out in three months. And I don’t ever recommend buying something just for the summer [or any specific season]. Yeah, buy that for the summer, but transitionally, add a jacket to it, and you can wear it in the fall and winter.”

Tan France poses in his closet while wearing a button-down and tailored pants

Use Browser Extensions to Save Online

Once you get to shopping, though, getting the best price is key to maximizing your budget—and France has a hot tip for that. “I don’t have the time to shop around for a deal anymore—my life is nuts—so the Citi Shop browser extension is my favorite thing right now,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what has happened to my life, and it’s been wild over the last few years—I will always love a deal. When you’re shopping, this extension will tell you the savings that are available, and it will tell you if there’s a coupon. Whenever I’m shopping at my favorite places like the Container Store and Anthropologie, I know that I’m getting the deals that are out there and I’m saving money, which is so nice.”

The Citi Shop extension is available for free across mobile and desktop to Citi card members through Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, and once installed, it automatically searches for deals across thousands of merchants. “I do most of my shopping on a plane when I’m on a flight two or three times a week, and the fact that you can do it on your phone is wild,” France says. “Pretty much anything that you’re already shopping—or something comparable—is most likely on here.”

Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

Spring cleaning and closet organization can be a game-changer when it comes to keeping your style fresh, and France is a die-hard fan of The Container Store. “If you’ve ever seen me on television, you know I’m very particular about everything, especially organizing closets,” he explains. “I use a lot of boxes and containers to make sure that everything is categorized. My shoes are categorized, and my clothes are categorized by color, print, and fit. If it’s a slim fit, if it’s an oversized fit… I am militant about it.”

Think about what system works best for your needs, and purchase containers that fit with that—then revisit them often to be sure they’re organized and your wardrobe is serving you. “I came out of the closet a long time ago, but I also go back into the closet very regularly to make sure it’s perfect,” France says, laughing.

What Tan France Is Wearing This Spring

While France is constantly keeping his eye on all the current trends and knows how to give style advice to pretty much anyone, he naturally has some personal favorites he’s most excited about. “I’ve never done sheer, so that is the trend I really want to give a go,” he tells us. “I think it takes a certain level of balls to be able to pull it off. I want to ease in, and then hopefully by the end of the summer, I want to do a full-on sheer shirt that’s got nothing underneath and nothing over the top.”

Tan France wears shield sunglasses, a green jacket, and a denim button-down shirt

When it comes to denim—a staple in most of our closets, yet always changing with the seasons—the multi-hyphenate star is a fan of the looser fits currently trending. “I do love baggy denim,” he shares. “Not crazy baggy or overly oversized, but one that gives me room to move when keeping up with my kids.”

France is also jumping into season 9 of Queer Eye, which is shooting in Las Vegas this spring. “Every nine months to a year, we have another season, and I love that,” he says. “The fact that we’re in season nine is almost unheard of in television nowadays, so that’s kind of major.” The designer and personality recently went on a “shopping binge” to find exciting pieces to wear on the show: “You have to pick literally 65 looks, which is a heck of a lot,” he shares. “I got this gorgeous leather vest. It’s so ‘80s, it’s youthful. I got these tiny little leather shorts that are so inappropriate for television, but I love those. I’m loving a lot of leather right now.” Whatever makes it into his final looks, they’re sure to make a wearable yet inspired statement.


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