These 8 Princess Diana-Loved Handbags Are a Shortcut to Royal-Approved Style |

These 8 Princess Diana-Loved Handbags Are a Shortcut to Royal-Approved Style

If we had to choose our favorite style icon of all time, it would without a doubt have to be the late Princess Diana. She wasn’t afraid to step out of the box when it came to traditional royal standards, which earned her fans worldwide and the unofficial title of “people’s princess.” While her priorities were always motherhood and charity work, she also took the time to cultivate an unforgettable sense of personal style, from collaborations with top ’90s designers to laid-back vacation looks to a collection of standout handbags to pull every outfit together. From beautiful leather totes to satin clutches and more, Diana was rarely without a statement-making yet timeless bag, and her favorite styles were so iconic that it’s still easy today to recreate her look. Read on for Princess Diana’s eight favorite handbag styles, complete with exact shopping options as well as budget-friendly alternatives.

Lady Dior

Princess Diana walking outside wearing white skirt suit holding pink flowers and black Lady Dior bag

Diana’s love for the Lady Dior bag is an interesting bit of fashion history, as the style was originally the Chouchou before the late princess wore it so often that the brand renamed it after her. We’d argue that it was one of her most-worn handbags ever. These days, the Lady Dior bag comes in all sorts of sizes, colors, and iterations, and while it’s a bit pricey, we think this investment piece is absolutely splurge-worthy. That being said, there are also several more budget-friendly styles featuring similar details and silhouettes.


Lana Marks Princess Diana

Princess Diana wearing a blue tweed skirt suit holding white flowers and tan Lana Marks Princess Diana bag

Aptly named the Diana Bag, this purse by Lana Marks was another style Princess Diana loved to carry around on numerous occasions. Legend has it that Diana asked the designer to create the bag specifically for her, and all these years later, it’s still a staple the brand offers. It’s by far the most expensive bag on this list, so we’ve linked not only the exact design, but a couple of similar options, too.


Prada Tote Bag

Princess Diana waving at camera wearing a white dress and tan and gold Prada bag

While Diana often stuck to smaller top-handle styles, she also appreciated the practicality of a large carry-all, wearing this Prada tote out and about all the time. From the shape to the beautiful champagne color, it’s a classic style that will remain timeless. While Prada no longer has this specific purse in rotation, we’ve linked a style we think Princess Di would absolutely embrace in the modern age, along with a few others.


Satin Clutches

Princess Diana wearing blue Jacques Azagury dress and diamond necklace, holding blue satin clutch

Princess Diana was constantly in the spotlight and tabloids, and to stop paparazzi from taking compromising photos, she started carrying satin clutches, referring to them as cleavage bags. She would often carry them in front of her chest, blocking cameras from getting photos. Not only was this a clever, multifunctional choice, but the clutches she chose were always stunning. Below, we’ve selected a few satin clutches that look pretty identical to the ones she would wear.


Tod’s Di Bag

Princess Diana walking outside wearing blue and pink striped sweater and white jeans, holding tennis racket and camel bag from Tod's

Another designer bag we saw Diana carry on repeat was the Tod’s Di Bag. Named after the princess, this leather tote was a staple in her wardrobe, and it’s still in production today. This bag comes in numerous colors and sizes, and it’s a beautiful, timeless tribute to the late princess that you can embrace for years to come. We’ve linked a few other neutral-toned totes below, as well.


Ferragamo Diana Clutch

Princess Diana wearing green top and holding black Ferragamo bag with gold chain

If it’s not clear to you yet just how influential Princess Diana was, allow Ferragamo’s Diana Clutch to be further proof. We’ve never heard of anyone else being the namesake of so many designer bags, and this leather clutch just might be one of our favorites. The bag was created in 1990 specifically for Diana, who owned it in numerous colors. To get the look, most black leather styles with chic gold chain straps—a timeless yet trending design choice—will do.


Gucci Diana Bag

Princess Diana wearing purple crewneck, white biker shorts, and rummaging through her Gucci bag

Princess Diana was a big fan of Gucci, especially the specific bamboo-handled bag pictured above. Its initial release was in 1990, and while the brand discontinued it, it did bring back a modernized version called the Diana Bag. With lots of variations to choose from, this purse is bound to become a collector’s item—and singlehandedly take bamboo handles from vacation-ready detail to everyday staple.


Versace Medusa

Princess Diana wearing black dress and pearl necklace, holding black and gold croc versace bag

Last but certainly not least, Princess Di loved to carry around this beautiful Versace bag. She became close friends with Gianni Versace before her untimely death, so it’s no surprise that she supported him by rocking this stunning design. It’s received a modern upgrade in the form of the Medusa bag, and we love the gold hardware. If you love the black-and-gold look as much as Princess Diana did, the good news is your options couldn’t be more plentiful.



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