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10 Bold Black Lip Liner Looks That Are Guaranteed Head Turners

Everyone loves a bold black eyeliner moment, but the trend is equally—if not way more—impactful when worn on the lips. Yes, we wholeheartedly agree that black lip liner packs a punch and is highly customizable. Once super popular in the ’90s, the trend still has wings, and there are modern ways to wear black on your lips that feel bold and creative. Of course, if you have a beloved black pencil liner in your stash, you have almost everything you need to play with the look.

Whether you’re tired of the nudes or just looking for a fun way to play with makeup, keep scrolling for a round-up of our favorite black lip liner looks.

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Glossy Lips

Black smudged cat-eye with glossy lips lined in black.

For maximum contrast, keep the space within the black liner clean and natural. Add a high-shine, clear gloss on top—we’ve been loving the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Plump Lip Gloss in Mirror ($11).

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Two-Toned Vamp

Vampy black-lined lips.

For a more vampy, goth-inspired take on the trend, create a gradient lip using a black liner paired with purple and red hues. Blend with a fluffy brush and a light hand—you want the colors to naturally fade into each other without looking muddy.

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Fiery Red Hot

Red eye makeup with a red lip lined in black.

Pair a bold red with black liner for a high-impact lip. Add a matching eye for a fiery hot look that’s equal parts graphic and avant-garde.

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Faded Black

Wet black eyes and glossy lips with a touch of warm color in the center and black liner.

This well-defined black lip liner fades into a warm, pinky hue thanks to some serious blending skills and a satin lipstick carefully pressed into the center of the lips. Finish with some gloss for a dreamy faded lip.

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Shimmer and Shine

Lips lined in black with glossy, sparkle-y dark-hued gloss on top.

The perfect daring lip for a night out, pair ultra-thin black lip liner with a dark-hued, sparkly gloss. The result is ridiculously chic.

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Rule of Thirds Red

Black-lined lips with shades of red and graphic eye liner.

To recreate this glossy vinyl lip, you’ll need three distinct lip colors: black, maroon-y red, and a true cherry. Apply the three layers, focusing the cherry on the center, the black outlining the lip, and the maroon between the two.

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Ombre Kiss

Graphic liner and black lips

We can’t stop staring at this ombre black lip. Pro tip: Add a bright pink stain in the center of the bottom lip and blend the edges for a seamless pop.

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Frosted Bronze Lips

Halo blush in deep violet with black-rimmed lips that fade into a frosted bronze.

Fade black-rimmed lips into a frosted bronze hue for a one-of-a-kind kiss that looks seriously cool.

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Smoky Black

Black smokey eye and black lips.

Go all in on the trend with a smoky black eye and satin black lips. Contrast with a touch of pink blush, and you’ve got a head-turning look.

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Get Graphic

Graphic yellow and black lips and eyes.

If you want to really play, pair black liner with a contrasting vivid color (like yellow) and use graphic lines to make your lips stand out. 


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