Summer 2024’s Biggest Makeup Trends: Berry Lips, Sunset Colors, and More |

Summer 2024’s Biggest Makeup Trends: Berry Lips, Sunset Colors, and More

When precious, precious summer rolls around, putting on makeup is often the last thing I want to do. Most days, it’s SPF and nothing more: why cover my face when that cool breeze is bound to hit? Or if I’m going to sweat it off anyway? Those are the questions… until I remember the promise of color.

With more life in our faces and late-evening golden hours available to show off the artistry of an eyeshadow look well done, the warm months are made for color cosmetic magic. Keep reading to discover what celebrity makeup artists are calling the biggest summer 2024 makeup trends, product recs included.

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Model wearing a super glossy eyeshadow look

This trend has been in the works for a while, and it can’t be ignored any longer: glossy lids are officially in.

“We’ve seen this trend pop up on the runway and in editorial for years but it’s never quite crossed over to the mainstream because it just doesn’t last, creases, and is an overall mess in reality,” shares celebrity makeup artist Kasey Spickard. “However, I really think that there are some fun hacks and new formulas that actually make this trend wearable. And we know a dewy, wet, glossy look is perfect for summer.”

To get the look, Spickard recommends Maybelline’s SuperStay Vinyl Ink ($13): “a high shine liquid lipstick formula that people on TikTok have started putting on their eyes for non-creasing, glossy lids.”

Celebrity makeup artist and brow expert Robin Evans also loves Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint ($28) in Dew, which is “sheer and natural and applies like an eyelid gloss.” The satin cream shadow is also infused with coconut and smells like the beach, a summery product if there ever was one.

And according to pro makeup artist Jonet Williamson, the shiny trend will continue onto the lips. “I do feel that lip oils and lip treatments will continue to push traditional glosses to the back burner or even be used more together for hypershine,” she shares.

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Grungy Eyes

Dua Lipa wearing black eye makeup

This summer, the late ’70s and early ’80s are back in a big way. Think blue and green tones and what celebrity makeup artist Renée Loiz describes as “grunge and graphic eyeshadows that are edgy, smoky, and messy.”

We even have a muse to watch out for: “With MaXXXine set to release this summer, I think we’re gonna see a lot of recreations of Maxine’s [Mia Goth] makeup looks,” adds Spickard. “Even from the trailer you can see tons of opportunities for makeup trends (draped blush, thin brows, blue eyeshadow, grungy, smudgy smokey eyes).”

Need product recs? Spickard loves the new Makeup by Mario Neutrals Palette ($50), Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Palette ($69), and Kulfi Kajal Eyeliner ($20) in the shimmery blue shade “rain check.”

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Berry Stained Lips

Caillee Spaeny wearing berry lipstick

Summer is nothing without tons and tons of fresh fruit—berries especially. “We already saw strawberry and tomato but those were more in the red family. I’m seeing this shift to berry toned lips and cheeks with purple hues,” says Spickard, who gave client Heather McMahan a bold berry lip for the Oscars with Maybelline’s SuperStay Ink Crayon ($11) in the shade Accept a Dare. “I honestly hadn’t been carrying those shades in my kit and I’ve started to see more and more requests for this shade.” he shares.

And if you haven’t already stained your lips from eating a couple pints of blackberries for breakfast, Loiz also has some product ideas for you.

“Stained lips will continue to trend well into the summer. It’s a pretty no-fuss application and can be worn with any makeup look,” says the artist, who recommends adding Benefit’s Benetint ($24), Milk Makeup’s viral Cooling Water Jelly Tint ($24), and Fenty Beauty’s Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain ($28) to your makeup drawer. “Diffused or soft lips starts with the stain being applied to the center of the lips and blended out.”

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Sunset Colors

Model wearing red eyeshadow

As those crazy sunsets make their grand return, Williamson says you can also expect to see more vivid shades on the eyes and cheeks.

“As blush continues to trend from spring to summer, so will colorful eye looks and subtle ways to incorporate color like bright eyeliner versus black,” she shares. My current favorite take is a sweep of bright pink liner, courtesy of Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner ($24).

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Feathered Brows

woman with feathered eyebrows

“It’s the era of the natural brow and as a natural brow stylist I’m here for it! We’re no longer over-filling in with color brow cosmetics, especially for summer, but focusing on a healthy, fluffy, feathered, multidimensional yet minimal brow style and look,” shares Evans.

Williamson also says that the days of bold brows are behind us, with “more feathered brows with skin showing through” making their way in.

This means brow pens (like KS&CO’s brilliant Microfeathering Brow Pen, $42) versus pomades; Loiz recommends grabbing a product one shade lighter than your brow color for the perfect match.

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Cloud Skin

Imaan Hamaam wearing the cloud skin trend

How’s the weather looking this summer, skin wise? A little cloudy? That’s because Loiz is predicting satin matte or cloud finishes to rule. With these looks, skin doesn’t necessarily have a dry finish but will be more radiant-matte than glassy.

“Satin skin finishes leaning more matte will be the focus with highlighter placed more precisely versus glassy dewy skin which was fun for a time but I feel we’ve moved on,” adds Williamson. Get the look with Kosas Cloud Set Baked Setting and Smoothing Powder ($35).

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In the Clear

Florence Pugh wearing clear mascara

Like I said before, I often want minimal makeup when its warm outside. Or at least makeup that looks like minimal makeup. No makeup-makeup, if you will.

“Another eye look will be the no mascara or clear mascara look. Clean eyes with a focus on skin and bold lips,” says Loiz.

Evans’ collection of clear brow gels with different holds, textures, and strengths, Lévans Beauty was also created with minimal makeup in mind.

“Clear brow gels are our most used product every day and are the future of brows and minimal makeup,” shares the artist, who recommends the waterproof Cult Brow Mega Hold ($28) for warm-weather gallivanting.

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Bronzed Glow

Hailey Bieber wearing bronzy makeup

If you have a pale complexion, summer often means a trial of bronzed, healthy skin. And now, you can get the effect without even meeting the sun’s rays.

“I love this whole look always, but especially for summer: clean, radiant skin and perfect natural brows and lashes,” says Evans. “The only thing you could top that with is natural sun-kissed skin and freckles.” For a faux freckle look, the brow expert recommends Lime Crime’s Freckle Pen ($15) or Freck Beauty’s The Original Freckle ($22).


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