These Under $35 Sandals Are Summer’s Unexpected Cool Girl Shoe |

These Under $35 Sandals Are Summer’s Unexpected Cool Girl Shoe

Every Easter, my mom would prepare our baskets with plenty of candy and a fresh new swimsuit, but my favorite part was receiving a new pair of $2 Old Navy flip flops. By the end of the summer, I’d inevitably wear them down to nothing, which was proof of the shoe’s reliability. Like hot dogs and pool floats, flip flops just signify summer.

But while they’re a backyard BBQ staple, the flip flop hasn’t been considered “cool” for a while and has been relegated to beach days or trips to the pool. The silhouette hasn’t been in the style zeitgeist since the mid-2010s, since it was replaced by trendier slides, platforms, and strappy sandal—until now. The style has popped up on the runways from the Row to Miu Miu, but when it comes to the streets (and our FYP) it’s all about an under $35 version that TikTok is calling the cool girl shoe of the summer.

Ahead, we break down the trend, and how to wear flip flops for summer 2024.

Matilda Djerf wearing flip flops, a t-shirt, shorts, and baseball cap.

The Trend

The flip flop revival has been coming for some time now. Heeled and platform flip-flops have been popular among stylish celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, and started to pop up during the Y2K comeback. However, the traditional flat flip flop has yet to have its moment. The new flip flop trend is all about ease. After years of maximalism and “core” trends, there’s a necessity for something easy and reliable that can still look cool, with a bit of that throwback flair.

While luxury brands including Chanel, The Row, and Miu Miu have confirmed the trend by launching their own take on the classic flop, on TikTok, a much more affordable brand is dominating: Havianas. The app is flooded with videos proclaiming the brand’s flip flops as the “cool girl shoe of the summer,” especially the new square-toed version. The brand has been spotted on Gen Z It Girls like Addison Rae and Matilda Djerf, as well as celebs like Jennifer Anniston and Elle Fanning. No matter what the shoe is paired with—be it jeans or a gown—they add an easy, breezy, beachy feel that’s perfect for summer.

How To Get The Look

Part of flip flop’s appeal is that they’re so easy to style. You can throw them on to go down the block for an errand, but they also look incredibly cool with baggy jeans or shorts. You can dress them up for drinks and dinner with a white breezy sundress and gold jewelry, or pack them in your beach bag for a day by the water. Plus, their laidback nature makes every outfit feel a little more effortless and organic.

Model wearing a white dress and black flip flops

When I visited Copenhagen last summer, every stylish person walking by was wearing a pair of Havianas flip flops, and for good reason. The brand is known for its comfortable wide range of styles that have grown to be a summer staple. My personal favorite is their square shape, but the classic slim flip flop is just as good.

If you’re looking to splurge a little more, Reformation’s Jessie Thong Sandal ($128) is just as simple as a classic Haviana but swaps the rubber material for leather for a more sophisticated feel. If you’re looking for a flip flop with a touch of something more, Jeffrey Campbell’s Linques-2 Sandal ($130) features a pop of shine with a sculpted metal detail in the center. Although I prefer a simple black flip flop, you can find them in a myriad of different colors, textures, and details.

woman wearing shorts and flip flops

If you’ve always stood by the classic flip flop now is your moment to say “I told you so.” And if not, we’ve rounded up some favorites to help you get in on the trend.


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