The Best Online Pilates Classes for Whole-Body Toning |

The Best Online Pilates Classes for Whole-Body Toning

Pilates is a type of exercise that aims to improve flexibility, posture, and balance. With a focus on core strength and overall conditioning, Pilates can be a great fit for those looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or recover from a sports or muscle injury. 

If you’re looking to begin or continue practicing Pilates but would prefer an at-home class, online Pilates classes are a good option. The best online Pilates classes include options for people at different levels, are led by experienced instructors, and fit within your budget. With those points in mind, here are our picks for the best online Pilates classes.

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Best Overall: Pilatesology



Key Specs

  • Price: $20 per month or $179 per year
  • Platform: Web-based
  • Class length: 2 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes

Why We Chose It

Pilatesology offers a well rounded Pilates program for users at any stage of their fitness journey and a huge bank of classes for all levels. 

Pros & Cons


  • Classes for all levels
  • Easy to sort class options
  • Can create a personalized plan


  • Some programs are more affordable
  • Many classes require equipment


Pilatesology offers a huge library of Pilates-specific content. From classes to articles and information, it truly is a one-stop shop. 

Pilatesology has over 1,900 classes you can choose from on-demand and with filters that easily sort classes into levels, you’ll always be able to find the class that’s right for you. You can stream classes on any device or download your favorite classes to view anytime, anywhere offline. 

If you’re new to  Pilates or have any specific questions you need answers to, you can feel confident you’ll find the answer in one of the articles in the online library. 

Beginners can also explore one of Pilatesology’s starter paths, while experts will appreciate some of the platform’s advanced classes and workshops, which teach you how to lead a Pilates class of your own. If you’re not sure where you fall on the skill level spectrum, you can complete Pilatesology’s self-assessment to determine which of its programs is right for you. 

Pilatesology offers a truly comprehensive program; you can start as a beginner and remain satisfied with the program as you develop your skills and move into intermediate and then advanced classes. 

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Best for Beginners: Speir Pilates

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Key Specs

  • Price: $29 per month or $299 per year
  • Platform: Web-based
  • Class length: 5 to 60 minutes

Why We Chose It

Speir Pilates offers both live and on-demand classes that will help you go from Pilates newbie to feeling totally comfortable stretching, moving, and working out on the mat. 

Pros & Cons


  • On-demand classes and in-person classes in California
  • Classes for all levels
  • Plans designed to keep you on track


  • Free trial is shorter than many other programs
  • In-person classes only offered in California


Speir Pilates offers both online on-demand class options and in-person classes for those who live near its studio in California. The online, on-demand classes are accessible to anyone with an internet connection and will help first-time Pilates participants get comfortable on the mat, learn the basic moves, and start to feel confident in their Pilates practice. 

Participants can choose from a range of on-demand classes at all levels. With options from five to 60 minutes and new content every week, you’ll always be able to squeeze in a workout and have something new and interesting to try. Speir also offers plans designed to keep you on track so that, if things get tough, you can power through. 

As a bonus, prenatal options are available for those who are expecting and interested in continuing with Pilates workouts while pregnant. 

On-demand classes start at just $29 per month after a seven-day free trial and can be accessed on any device with a WiFi connection.

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Best Budget Option: Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender


Key Specs

  • Price: Free or $7 monthly subscription
  • Platform: Web-based
  • Class length: 3 to 90 minutes

Why We Chose It

With Fitness Blender, you’ll be able to enjoy Pilates and other fitness classes for free or with a low-cost membership. 

Pros & Cons


  • Free and low-cost options
  • Recipes and informational articles included
  • Create, save, and repeat favorite routines


  • Free version has ads
  • Cannot access all features without a paid membership


The fitness experts behind Fitness Blender believe in making sure that everyone who wants access to exercise information and classes has it. That’s why they offer both paid and free content. With both the free and the paid program, you’ll get access to a range of classes, from cardio to yoga to Pilates, as well as a wide selection of healthy living articles.

If you opt for the monthly subscription, you’ll get a “surprise me” workout selection tool, statistics for your activities, trackers (where you can see your workout history), and exclusive workouts. 

If you stick with the free version, you’ll still have access to lots of great classes and options, though you won’t have an ad-free experience or access to the extras’ associated with the paid membership. That said, you’ll still have the option to purchase programs or challenges, which include several weeks or a month’s worth of workouts. 

No matter what plan you choose, you can count on these Pilates workouts to be high-energy and welcoming to beginners through to advanced users.

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Best on YouTube: Move With Nicole

Move with Nicole


Key Specs

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Web-based, YouTube
  • Class length: 4 to 60 minutes

Why We Chose It 

Move With Nicole has over 1.5 million subscribers and offers customized weekly Pilates and yoga classes that are fun, free, and a great workout.

Pros & Cons


  • New workouts each week
  • Free
  • Available in Spanish


  • Cannot filter workouts by level
  • Only one instructor


Move With Nicole on YouTube offers free Pilates and yoga classes to those who want to get in shape, stay in shape, or learn to move their body in a new way. Nicole’s channel has a vast library of Pilates workouts that all follow a similar structure with a warm-up, workout, and cool-down. 

Beyond her Pilates workouts, Nicole’s channel also has barre and combination workouts (where you might do a mix of yoga and Pilates moves). While you can’t filter by type of workout or level, the videos are clearly labeled, so finding what you want won’t be difficult. Nicole also offers weekly workout plans that give you a coordinated and comprehensive workout schedule for the week. 

In October 2022, Nicole launched a Spanish channel to bring her workouts to more people worldwide. 

Move with Nicole only features Nicole as the instructor, which might feel boring to those seeking variety. 

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Best On-Demand: Pilates Anytime

Pilates Anytime


Key Specs

  • Price: $22 per month or $240 per year
  • Platform: Web-based
  • Class length: 5 to 60 minutes

Why We Chose It

Pilates Anytime has the most extensive library of on-demand Pilates classes of any company we researched.  

Pros & Cons


  • Thousands of streaming classes to choose from
  • Free 15-day trial
  • Challenges that organize classes into multi-day programs


  • More expensive than other programs
  • Lack of body diversity in videos


With Pilates Anytime, you’ll be able to find just the sort of class you’re looking for on demand. With over 1,400 mat workouts, over 950 Reformer workouts, small props workouts, and even more restorative sessions, barre fusion, and challenge classes, you’ll never have to repeat the same class twice. 

Pilates Anytime is constantly growing its library with new videos each week and over 95 programs and challenges created to help you reach your goals, no matter what those goals are. 

While classes are led by various instructors from different backgrounds, we noticed very little body diversity, perhaps making this program feel like it was created for people of just one body type. 

Pilates Anytime is one of the higher-cost options on this list at $22 per month or $240 per year, but its vast library makes it worth it to many online reviewers. And, with a 15-day free trial, you’ll be able to see for yourself whether this program is the best fit for you. 

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Best for Variety: Alo Moves

Alo Moves


Key Specs

  • Price: $20 per month or $199 per year
  • Platform: Web-based
  • Class length: 1 to 100 minutes

Why We Chose It

A membership to Alo Moves will give you access not just to high-quality Pilates classes, but also to numerous yoga, mindfulness, HIIT, core, and Barre classes. 

Pros & Cons


  • Wide variety of classes
  • Easily accessible on most devices
  • Mid-range cost


  • Very yoga-focused


Alo Moves is an online platform that specializes in on-demand workout classes. It offers yoga and Pilates as well as other classes like barre, HIIT, mindfulness, strength training, and more. 

The videos featured on Alo Moves are high-quality and easy to access from any device with a WiFi connection. Classes range in length from about a minute to 100 minutes, and pre-set programs help you move through a series of gradually more intense workout sessions. 

Classes are sorted both by difficulty and intensity, so that you can zero in on just the right option for you.  Alo Moves costs roughly $20 per month or $199 per year. You can access your Pilates class of choice on the website or the app.

Overall, Alo Moves is a great option for people who enjoy Pilates and also want to mix other workouts into their regular workout rotation.

Final Verdict

We believe the best online Pilates class option today is Pilatesology. It has a vast library of videos, and you can find something for you whether you’re a seasoned expert or are just stepping onto the mat for the first time. This program is well-reviewed by current and former participants, and is a good fit for anyone who enjoys Pilates. 

If you’re on a budget, Fitness Blender offers a free subscription option as well as a low-cost membership option. Both options will give you access to an expansive library of workouts, though only the paid subscription will ensure an ad-free experience. 

If you’re looking for a Pilates class to enjoy via YouTube, Move With Nicole is a fantastic choice. Nicole has well over a million subscribers and posts new Pilates and yoga workout videos weekly.

Guide to Choosing the Best Online Pilates Classes

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a type of exercise that focuses on connecting the mind and body to complete whole-body exercises. Pilates was developed in the 1920s by a German immigrant named Joseph Pilates. Pilates workouts focus on using the core muscle group to build stability, strength, and flexibility through repetitive, controlled movement. Pilates workouts tend to highlight the importance of breathwork, proper form, and efficient movement. Exercises are designed to strengthen the core, increase coordination, improve balance, and decrease stress.1

What Is a Pilates Class Like?

Pilates classes tend to look pretty similar, whether you’re taking them online or in person. Though many classes start with a brief warm-up, most of your time will be spent completing classic Pilates exercises. Expect a lot of core work, leg circles, and rolling up and down. Depending on what style of Pilates you’re doing, you may end up doing more upper-body and lower-body strengtheners, as well. At the end of your course, you might get a brief cool-down, or your session will just finish when the last set of exercises does. 

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Pilates Class

As you search for the right online Pilates class for you, consider the factors that matter most in your everyday life. You may want to weigh factors such as ease of access, cost, and whether you like the featured instructors, as well as these factors.

Experience Level

If you’re a beginner, you likely won’t have much fun jumping into an advanced class. Likewise, if you’ve been developing your Pilates skills for quite some time, a beginner’s class may feel boring to you. Self-assess your experience level and aim to select online Pilates classes that meet your skills.

Cost/Membership Options

Budget can play a big role in your life and the choices you make. Before choosing an online Pilates class subscription, decide what you can and want to spend, then only search for classes in that range. You don’t want to fall in love with a program you can’t afford or choose classes that might be super budget-friendly but don’t offer enough to meet your needs. 

Equipment Required

Some Pilates classes allow you to get creative and choose props from around your home, while others require specific props or specialized equipment, like a Pilates reformer, that you may have to purchase. Assess what equipment you already have on hand, what you’re willing to rent, and what you’ll need to purchase, then search for classes that cater to those parameters.


  • Are At-Home Pilates Workouts Effective?Pilates has been shown to reduce stress levels, decrease back pain, and improve your posture, among other amazing benefits.234 While many people enjoy working out in a studio, if you follow the instructions clearly and match the intended intensity of the online class you participate in, your workout should be just as safe and effective. 
  • How Many Days a Week Should You Do Pilates to See Results?While everyone is different, it’s generally recommended that you practice Pilates around two times per week in order to see results. “The sweet spot is 2 times a week consistently, that’s when people start to notice a difference in strength and overall well-being,” says fitness expert Triana Brown, NASM CPT. “When you commit to doing Pilates at least twice a week, you will recognize a difference in core strength and how you move throughout your day, from walking up the stairs to lifting your groceries.” 
  • How Does Pilates Compare to Other Workouts, Such As Weightlifting?Many people describe Pilates as a mix of yoga and weight training. This is because Pilates involves breathwork, stretching, and some poses similar to those you’d find in a yoga studio, as well as many strength-building exercises you might see on the gym floor. In general, though, Pilates is considered low-impact, while many weightlifting workouts can stress your joints. “Typical weightlifting prioritizes working with heavy weights and often places an excessive amount of pressure on your joints. The low-impact nature of Pilates allows you to build resistance slowly and safely, while still providing the intensity of a great workout,” says Brown. 
  • Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss?Pilates, like any other movement, will help you burn calories and build muscle, which can help with weight loss if you follow a healthy, nutritious diet. Though each workout may not burn as many calories as if you were to spend that same amount of time doing HIIT, it can still be a dynamic part of your weight loss journey.


We researched 20 online Pilates classes to find the best options available. Our research focused on several factors: pricing, how many on-demand classes are available, the experience levels served, and the duration of classes. We also made sure that each company we chose had well-qualified instructors and the option to participate in different types of classes. We gave preference to those that were inclusive and promoted body positivity.


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