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Dae’s New Shine Treatment Is Like a Highlighter for Your Hair

For the past decade or so, the beauty industry has been severely lacking in fun. Maybe you swapped your vanilla fragrance for a woody one, ditched body shimmer for a luxe body serum, and said goodbye to color in your makeup for a “clean girl” look. Luckily, one of TikTok’s favorite haircare brands, Dae, is putting the fun back into beauty with its latest launch, the Stargloss Shine Treatment ($44), a glossing treatment with subtle gold glitter. Ahead, founder Amber Fillerup Clark fills us in on the new launch.


The Inspiration

If you spend any time on TikTok, then you know that Dae is a favorite of the app, with thousands of TikTokers raving about the brand’s Styling Cream ($28) in particular. Fillerup Clark revealed that the Stargloss Shine Treatment was born from the fact that she loves hair masks and oils, but dreaded having to wait around in the shower for them to get to work. “This product really epitomizes the essence of the brand Dae, which is that haircare should be a self-indulgent yet simple part of everyone’s ‘dae’—and create magic and dreaminess just with the little things,” Fillerup Clark tells Byrdie. “So, we created Stargloss Shine Treatment that you apply to dry hair. Think of it like hair oil and a buttery mask combined—one that you apply and go work out, clean, get the kids off to school, go on a walk, whatever. Then you shower and wash like normal.”

While the formula is one that Fillerup Clarks says makes your hair look “as if you just got struck by a shiny shooting star,” thanks to the blend oils and butters, it also includes literal shimmer in the formula. “We know our daedreamers love the magic of life, so we made our formula sparkle so you can have a sparkly bun while you treat yourself,” says Fillerup Clark. “Or if you don’t have time to wash right away, a sparkly bun all day never hurt anyone.”

Amber Fillerup Clark holding Dae Stargloss treatment

The Formula

Fillercup Clark says that she had the same non-negotiables creating Stargloss as she does when formulating all of Dae’s products: it has to be an effective multitasker, smell amazing, and having a gorgeous “goop.” The Stargloss Shine Treatment is essentially a pre-wash oil and an in-shower mask swirled into one formula, and it’s scented with prickly pear, mandarin, and magnolia fragrances for an invigorating yet grounding masking session. “I played off the Stargloss name inspo and added some subtle golden flecks which are a surprise and delight for the consumer—they rinse right out but they just make the experience of using this product dreamy and magical.”

stargloss shine treatment

Dae Stargloss Shine Treatment $44.00


The Stargloss Shine Treatment is a pre-wash glossing treatment that boosts shine and softness and diminishes frizz. “The cream texture that you apply to your dry hair is so creamy and so hydrating, and full of prickly pear and other nourishing and shine-boosting oils,” Fillerup Clark says. “They lock in and smooth the cuticle—for smoothness, silkiness, and shine.” This treatment contains tons of good-for-your-strands ingredients, starting with prickly pear seed oil to hydrate the hair, moringa leaf extract to repair damage, and shea butter to moisturize and smooth frizz. What’s more, this formula is cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny-Certified, doesn’t contain SLS, SLES, parabens, phthatlates, or synthetic colors, and comes in cute green recyclable packaging.


How to Use it

Using the Stargloss Shine Treatment is relatively simple. First, ensure your unwashed hair is dry, and then apply the product in two-inch sections from the mid-lengths to the ends. “Leave it on for 20 minutes, or longer (or overnight even!) then you shampoo and condition as usual—and OMG, the results are amazing,” Fillerup Clark directs.

So, what’s Fillerup Clark’s favorite way to use the Stargloss Shine Treatment? She reveals, “I have so many ways I love to use Stargloss. I personally love the soft golden flecks in the formula, so I like to slick my hair back in a bun and then run errands, go about my day—and the golden flecks glisten which just makes it so fun.”


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