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8 Summer 2024 Sneaker Trends That Will Heat Up Your Footwear Game

Every season, we find ways to elevate our wardrobe with the year’s hottest new trends. From cherry and rose motifs to Formula 1-inspired jackets and denim galore, there are more than a few ways to switch up your wardrobe this spring and summer—and one of the easiest is with your shoes. While sandals and heels rule warm-weather style, sometimes we all need a little trend-forward comfort, and a new pair of sneakers may be the perfect way to achieve it. Read on for a full rundown of eight of the top summer 2024 sneaker trends, complete with standout product picks to shop.


  • Audree Kate López is a professional fashion stylist and editor based in New York City.

Any and All Adidas

Close-up of woman wearing red Adidas sneakers, a blue polka-dotted dress, and a red handbag

Adidas has reclaimed the throne of popular footwear. In recent seasons, Adidas Sambas and all their alternatives (including the Gazelle silhouette) have become a staple in almost every closet, from young fashion fans on TikTok to celebrities galore. “Adidas has been having their moment this year with the it-sneakers of the season,” says New York City-based fashion stylist Audree Kate López. “Whether you’re a Samba or Gazelle stan, these sneakers are a sure buy to have a trendy shoe.”


Colors Galore

Close-up of woman wearing yellow and orange ombre sneakers and white flowy pants

Remember when all-white Air Force 1s were the biggest thing? Sneakers are heading in a more vivid direction for summer 2024. “The era of strictly white sneakers is over—say hello to the colorful sneaker,” López shares. “We first saw this trend in 2021 with dopamine dressing, the revenge heel, and now with ‘eclectic grandpa’—people are having fun with fashion again, [enjoying] color, prints, and not taking things too seriously.”

The beauty of this trend is that colorful sneakers go with everything, from leggings to jeans to sundresses. Simply pick your favorite and get to pairing.


Court Sneakers

Close-up of white sneakers and socks on model

It’s no secret that society loves pickleball and tennis-inspired style, so it should be no surprise that the sport has now reignited the obsession with court sneakers. “Just like fashion, sports and workouts seem to be cyclical, and the current trend is pickleball,” López says. “Whether you actually play or just love the courtside fashion aesthetic, court sneakers are the perfect mix between street sneakers and elevated shoes.”


Major Platforms

Close-up of Vans stackform platform sneakers on person

Looking to add a little lift to your ensemble but hate heels? Opt for platform sneakers. “Platforms have taken the main stage over the past couple of years with the revival of Y2K,” López says, noting that the trend applies to all shoe silhouettes, including sneakers. The best part? No matter your go-to sneaker brand, chances are they’ve hopped on the platform trend. Nowadays, Adidas, Converse, Keds, and Nike are just a few of the classic brands to adopt the nostalgic style.


Nike Cortez

Bella Hadid in an all-white outfit with white Nike Cortez sneakers

If retro style is your favorite, make room for a pair of Nike Cortez sneakers in your closet.  “The Nike Cortez sneaker first hit the market in the ‘70s, and this retro shoe has maintained icon status since,” López says. “While Nike has had its major shoe moment the past few years with Jordans, Air Force 1s, and Dunks, the Nike Cortez is a similar sleek silhouette to the Sambas and Gazelle, less clunky than the courtside sneakers, and leans slightly more feminine for [those who prefer that type of style].”


Chunky Dad Sneakers

Woman wearing a bralette with silky pants, a gold body chain, and chunky sneakers

Chunky dad sneakers have been making waves the past few years, and according to López, they continue to inspire outfits across the globe. “Love it or hate it, the dad sneaker is here until further notice,” she says. “The silhouette has refined a little over the past couple of years and is less clunky than the Balenciaga dad sneaker, [aligning more with] the more palatable 530 or 327 sneakers from New Balance.”


Major Metallics

Close-up of woman wearing silver sneakers and lace maxi skirt

Looking for a simple way to jazz up any athletic or casual look? Slip into a pair of metallic sneakers. “Metallic sneakers are the perfect combo for a fashion shoe that meets comfort,” López says. “If you want to dress up your look but avoid boots, heels, or open-toe sandals, a metallic sneaker is the perfect pop.”


Rugged Hikers

Legs kicking in air with checkerboard socks and green sneakers in yellow flower field

Just like athleisure is popular even if you don’t work out, hiking sneakers are going mainstream in summer 2024 and beyond. More rugged soles and silhouettes are popping up in everyday life, and López expects this sneaker trend to only grow. As she puts it, first there were Birkenstocks, dad sneakers, and Tevas, and now, hiking sneakers are joining the unique mix. “It’s all about fashion meets function—hiking at 3 p.m., red carpet at 5 p.m.,” she says.



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