Lana Del Rey’s Go-To Makeup Artist Just Launched His Own Beauty Line |

Lana Del Rey’s Go-To Makeup Artist Just Launched His Own Beauty Line

If you noticed that Lana Del Rey has been looking particularly gorgeous lately, it cannot solely be attributed to the fact that she’s finally getting the musical recognition that she deserves (though that certainly helps, I’m sure). Her glow, which has been on display everywhere from the Grammys to the Super Bowl to Skims campaigns this year, is the work of makeup artist Etienne Ortega, who has been painting the faces of celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Salma HayekKris Jenner, Kali Uchis, and more for years. Now, he’s making it easier than ever to get his signature sculpted lip at home.

On March 27, the makeup artist launches Ortega, his namesake beauty brand. The initial launch is all about the lips and includes six innovative products—including Del Rey’s go-to nude liner. Ahead is everything you need to know about the drop.

The Inspiration

Ortega’s brand is a labor of love and has been in the works for five years. The line is inspired both by the MUA’s signature lip contouring technique as well as his hometown of Jalisco, Mexico. In fact, the products are all infused with Mexican blue agave for intense hydration. Plus, the collection includes a range of shades suitable for all skin tones.

Model holding the Ortega lip pencil

The Products

While most of the products in the line focus on the lips, Ortega also included his Striptease Makeup Remover Wipes ($12) in the initial launch. The wipes are infused with blue agave and vitamin E to moisturize while cleansing.

There’s also the Blu Nectar Lip Oil ($21), to hydrate the lips before any color goes on. The brand describes Blu Nectar as a “jelly formula” with a light shimmer and a touch of shine. The product, of course, includes its namesake blue agave, as well as jojoba oil, aloe, calendula extract, squalane, and vitamin E for extra hydration.

Model holding the Ortega lip liner

To build on the shine, next up is the Liquid Icon Hyper Gloss ($16). Like the oil, this gloss is infused with agave and vitamin E but has an intense, glass-like shine as well for the illusion of fuller lips.

Finally, the brand’s Soft Contour Lip Liner ($16) is the star of the show, as it’s the key to Ortega’s trademark lip look. The velvety formula has a matte finish and precision tip, which promises a long-wear effect. The liner comes in 10 neutral shades, ranging from pale pink to deep brown.

Model wearing the Ortega lip gloss

Finishing off the line is the Agave Glow Color Stick ($22). The sticks, which come in eight “flirty neutral shades,” have buildable pigment and a shiny finish. Like the rest of the line, they are super hydrating thanks to the agave, vitamin E, and jojoba oil. The Glow Color Sticks can also be used on the cheeks.


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