Briogeo’s New Shampoo Concentrate Gave Me Fluffy, Healthy Hair |

Briogeo’s New Shampoo Concentrate Gave Me Fluffy, Healthy Hair

When it comes to cult-loved haircare brands, perhaps none is as adored as Briogeo. Started by Nancy Twine in 2013 for her own curls, the company has evolved into an instantly recognizable, ultra-viral brand beloved by people with every hair type.

Central to the brand is a focus on natural ingredients that follows them through their packaging to formulas and scents. It’s what has led them to create award-winning, can’t-live-without products like their Don’t Despair, Repair shampoo and conditioner and the Scalp Revival line—the later of which has become part of a TikTok movement to treat your scalp how you treat the rest of your skin.

Scalp care has perhaps never been more on trend; from rosemary oil to rice water and glycolic acid, there’s an endless source of tips to get your scalp as healthy as possible and get your damaged hair back to bouncy perfection. Enter Briogeo’s latest innovative product, the Don’t Despair, Repair Rich Rice Shampoo Concentrate ($42)—a shampoo-treatment hybrid that cleanses while it strengthens for your healthiest hair yet.

Ahead, all the details on Briogeo’s latest launch, and our honest review.

The Product

Briogeo’s new Don’t Despair, Repair Rich Rice Shampoo Concentrate is far from the first shampoo in the brand’s lineup. However, this is the brand’s first-ever shampoo concentrate, specifically one that’s a treatment-cleanser hybrid.

In comparison to a traditional shampoo, the active ingredients in this product are, well, more concentrated. The formula is much thicker than what you’re used to to create a rich, creamy lather perfect for delicate hair. Per the brand, testers experienced seven times less breakage after one use, 91% softer and smoother hair after two uses, and stronger hair that prevents future damage from occurring with regular use

Product Image of Briogeo's new Don't Despair, Repair Rich Rice Shampoo Concentrate

The concentrated formula also makes for a more environmentally friendly product as you have to use much less than a typical shampoo. Not to mention, the new release is housed in a fully recyclable aluminum tube, making it all the more eco-friendly.

For best results, the brand says to use a pea-sized amount once a week, lathering it in your hands with water and massaging it into wet hair. If you have medium-length hair you should up the amount to two pea size dollops, three if you have long to extra-long hair. 

Product Image of Briogeo's new Don't Despair, Repair Rich Rice Shampoo Concentrate

The Formula

The brand’s proprietary rice protein complex is key to the rich formula. Calling on the centuries-old ingredient, the complex strengthens the hair’s cuticles using proteins, protecting it from future damage.

Product Image of Briogeo's new Don't Despair, Repair Rich Rice Shampoo Concentrate

Briogeo also added ceramides, a world-class skincare ingredient, into the mix. An essential fatty acid, ceramides reinforce the hair and replenish its phospholipids, all the while improving texture and shine. Last but not least, the brand also included algae extract in the formula. A multi-functional ingredient, this extract helps keep your scalp healthy while also smoothing the hair and making it less oily overtime.

In addition, the new formula is gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, on top of having a “clean soap” smell with hints of floral musk and wood. 

The Review

“For a blonde, I actually have pretty healthy hair, but it’s taken a beating from the winter wind and has just been looking pretty blah lately, so this shampoo concentrate came at just the right time. I found the initial texture surprising—it feels much closer to a hair mask or leave-in than shampoo—but once I mixed two dollops with some water, I was treated to a delightful fluffy foam. It gave me such a nice lather that felt like I was really babying my hair instead of stripping it.

woman after using the Don't Despair, Repair shampoo concentrate

“My hair felt totally clean and fresh, but because of the rice in the formula it leaves a slight powdery feeling that helps give me a boost of volume (and it doesn’t feel dirty, I promise). After a few washes I can’t really speak to the overall strength of my hair, but I can confirm it feels incredibly soft and silky, and the bounce is unmatched compared to my usual shampoo. I’ll be making this a regular thing and expect Rapunzel-level hair by summer.” —Bella Cacciatore, news editor

Don’t Despair, Repair Rich Rice Shampoo Concentrate is available exclusively on the Sephora app on March 25, and sephora.comand on March 26. 


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