Sofia Richie Grainge’s Pregnancy Essentials Include a $29 Body Butter and an At-Home Laser |

Sofia Richie Grainge’s Pregnancy Essentials Include a $29 Body Butter and an At-Home Laser

It’s a well-known fact that pregnancy can totally change your skin. From hormone-induced acne to stretch markshyperpigmentation, and increased oil production, there are many new things a baby bump can bring in addition to the famous pregnancy glow. And so, it’s not uncommon to totally re-vamp your skincare routine—alongside your general wellness practices—during pregnancy. This is something Sofia Richie Grainge knows well, and she just took to TikTok to share her must-have products.

On February 27, Richie Grainge posted a video sharing all the beauty and wellness essentials she’s discovered during her seven months of pregnancy. After consulting her doctors, acupuncturists, and other moms on social media, she’s developed a routine that leaves her skin cared for and her sleep schedule rock solid.

In the video, Richie Grainge says she was most worried about getting stretch marks. Though she admits they “come with the territory,” she says she is “doing everything I can to prevent” them. Her doctor recommended Bumpology’s Bump Butter ($29)—a shea butter balm she’s gone through six tubs of. She says she applies it from “right above my boobs” to right below her butt, and so far, “knock on wood,” she hasn’t gotten a stretch mark yet. On top of the Bump Butter, she layers a thin coat of Hatch’s Belly Oil ($64), which she says doesn’t feel gross under clothes and adds to the hydration.

When it comes to her face, there are two things she “literally cannot function without:” the Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers ($47) and the Lyma Laser ($2,700). She says that her skin has gotten incredibly oily during her pregnancy, so the blotting papers are essential to keeping her skin matte without laying on too much powder.

Sofia Richie Grainge at Erewhon in an outfit showing off her Pregnancy Bump

The laser, however, is what she credits with totally transforming her skin, adding that she “cannot say enough good things” about it. She uses the Lyma every night before bed while watching a movie, allowing its near-infrared laser beam to get to work on her skin. She adds that she knows it’s a splurge, but that she saw a huge difference in her skin “within a week.”

On the more fun side, Richie Grainge also said that Summer Friday’s new Birthday Cake Lip Butter Balm ($24) has been her latest lip obsession. Plus, she’s also been loving the Ross J Barr Calm Patches ($15), applying them on her temples to help relieve stress and anxiety, especially while flying.

However, Richie Grainge says her biggest issue during her pregnancy has been trouble sleeping. Her solution? Matching pregnancy pillows with her husband, and magnesium glycinate. The model says it “knocks her out” and helps her get some beauty sleep, in addition to the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion ($25) that she lathers on her feet under socks.


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