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10 Summer Handbag Trends to Carry Through Your Warm-Weather Adventures

Summer is almost here, and if you want to stay on top of the latest trends in everything from sneakers to sunglasses, you’ve come to the right place. While we believe that you should stick to your own personal style for the most part, there’s something extra special about summer 2024’s handbag trends, which balance of-the-moment details with timeless materials and silhouettes. Ready to upgrade your collection with a piece that sparks joy and takes your outfits to the next level? Read on for 10 of the top summer 2024 handbag trends, along with some killer product recommendations for each category.

Micro-Mini Bags

Close-up of mini red and white polka dotted Anima Iris handbag in hand

While we appreciate practicality and function when it comes to fashion, there’s something irresistible about ultra-mini silhouettes. You may not be able to place your phone inside some of these bags, but you certainly can pop in a lip gloss and your credit cards.


Half-Moon Silhouettes

Joy Corrigan wearing a pink lace duster, white cowboy boots, and white moon shaped handbag

A uniquely shaped handbag can turn any outfit into an on-trend statement, and this summer, we’re going to be seeing half-moon silhouettes on every corner. Whether you go for a mini or large style, trust us when we say this shape is going to become your new best friend.


Pops of Color

Nicki Minaj wearing a short puff dress with knee high boots and holding yellow handbag

Neutral bags will always be a good idea, but if you’re in the mood to spice up your collection, we urge you to get your hands on a style with a bold pop of color. It’s a fun way to jazz up any outfit and makes for memorable style moments galore.


Elevated Picnic Bags

Close-up of person wearing a brown leather coat, long shorts, brown boots, and Hermes Birkin bag with woven detail

One of the best parts of summer is the slate of warm-weather activities on the agenda, including long, indulgent picnics at the park or beach with loved ones. If you have yet to invest in a woven bag for your warm-weather capsule wardrobe, now is an ideal time so you can tote it around to picnics, brunches, and more.


Modern Clutches

Close-up of woman wearing neutral cutout dress and holding Cult Gaia clutch with gold accents

Princess Diana often carried what she called a “cleavage bag” in the presence of paparazzi so she could cover up her chest, but really, it’s just a fancy word for a clutch. Mark our words when we say 2024 is the year of the clutch—it’s elegant, always in style, and a great way to add an artistic touch to any outfit.


All Things Red

Rihanna wearing black sunglasses, gray coat, and holding large red woven handbag

Summer 2024 is going to be full of fresh statement shades—from periwinkle to butter yellow—and the ever-popular red handbags are still going strong. Whether you’re going for more of a burnt cherry or candy apple, try wearing a monochromatic black or white look and throwing in a red bag for a wow factor.


Classic Shoulder Bags

Close-up of woman in all-black outfit carrying one white and one green Freja shoulder bag

Shoulder bags are here to stay. Not only do they give ‘90s vibes in the best way, but they’re convenient and highly fashionable. If you don’t yet have a shoulder bag, we suggest investing in a neutral piece you can wear year-round—perhaps from one of today’s affordable it-bag brands.


Embellishments Galore

Woman wearing black dress with bedazzled straps and carrying crystal lattice bag from Giarite

This summer is your time to shine, especially when it comes to your handbag of choice. We’re expecting to see handbags with all sorts of embellishments—from crystals to bows, buckles, and so much more.


Large Hobo Bags

Close-up of woman wearing white lace top, jeans, and leather jacket and carrying Bolsa Nova Valentina hobo bag

If there’s one thing we love about large hobo bags, it’s that we get to refer to them as ludicrously capacious. While you might not need a larger-than-life bag for your day-to-day activities, sometimes you could use a bag that can hold everything from your laptop to a book, water bottle, snacks, and all the other necessities.


Mini Bucket Bags

Mansur Gavriel pink bucket bag hanging on apple tree

On the other end of the spectrum, mini bucket bags are trending for all our summer adventures. They’re small in size but pack quite the punch when it comes to looking chic—plus the flexible bucket design often means you’ll fit more than you think. Adding to the practicality, many styles come with both a top handle and a longer strap.



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