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12 Summer Sandal Trends to Slip Into for All Your Warm-Weather Plans

New season, new shoes: As summer gets started, we’re swapping boots and other cold-weather styles for mesh flats, lightweight sneakers, and a plethora of sandals. Whether you’re looking for flat, molded, wedge, or heeled styles, there are countless open-toed silhouettes waiting to join your lineup—from timeless classics to bolder trends. Read on to discover the top 12 summer sandal trends for 2024, complete with stylists’ insights and product picks to shop.


3D Florals

Woman wearing blue dress and white flip flop sandals with 3D floral embellishments

You may have noticed that floral-embellished sandals have been popping up everywhere you shop. “After appearing in the Christian Cowan runway show and throughout this year’s best-dressed Met Gala looks, three-dimensional florals are poised for popularity,” says designer and Never Fully Dressed founder Lucy Aylen. “This trend can easily elevate a flat sandal and is perfect for anyone who wants to infuse a touch of natural charm into any summer ensemble.”

When styling 3D floral sandals—whether flat or heeled—Aylen and Revolve fashion director Divya Mathur agree that the sandal should be the focal point. “What says ‘hello summer’ better than a rose on your shoe? Embrace this whimsical trend and let the shoe be the highlight of your outfit,” Mathur says. “Allow the floral sandals to take center stage by pairing them with a simple white sundress for a fresh and feminine look,” Aylen adds.


Jelly Sandals

Woman wearing a pink and blue plaid shirt dress with clear blue and white ombre jelly sandals

Ready for a dose of nostalgia? Jelly sandals have been edging back into fashion, and this summer, they’re reaching peak return. “Millennials’ favorite sandals from childhood have made their way back into the scene but in a grown-up, cool-girl way,” says New York-based fashion stylist Audree Kate López. “You can find the classic jelly sandal flats or go for something similar to the new Amina Muaddi jelly heels. [Whatever you choose,] jelly sandals are perfect for vacation, a park picnic, or pool day. The material is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting them a little dirty or even wet.” Melissa specializes in the jelly sandals silhouette, offering various styles of the trendy retro rubbery shoes.


Hardware Galore

Woman in a relaxed red matching long sleeve and long pants set with black and silver Birkenstock sandals - Byrdie Summer Sandal Trends

Birkenstock sandals and all their alternatives remain a popular silhouette in 2024 thanks to not only the comfort they offer but the trendy hardware, too. “Embellishments, embellishments, embellishments—from statement hardware on toe rings, metal ankle straps, and embellishments on the straps and bases of the sandals— this trend is for the jewelry lovers, maximalists, and the person who plans an outfit around the shoe,” López says. “This is the perfect way to add a point of interest and pop to your outfit without needing a color, pattern, or loud design.”

Mathur agrees: “From the Birkenstock to the Ganni Buckle Ballerina, we can’t get enough of chunky hardware on our shoes,” she says. “Pair this [sandal] with your most trend-forward outfits. I love it with a micro mini skirt, and the ultimate way to style it is with a pair of ankle socks.”


Footbed Slide

Close-up of three people's legs in the air with neutral, red, and black woven footbed sandals

Speaking of Birkenstocks, molded footbed sandals continue to trend for summer 2024, proving that comfort and style can collide. “I love an easy slide-on sandal with a comfortable footbed to give some heft to any outfit,” says Free People stylist Julie Parladé. “Its casual nature perfectly balances a summer skirt or tailored look [for wearing] from the office to the beach. These should also be a great walking choice for those who need more support in their shoes.”


Chunky Platforms and Flatforms

Woman in a black romper with a denim vest and black flatform sandals - Byrdie Summer Sandal Trends

Elevate your summer style with chunky platforms and flatforms—one of the most comfortable ways to get a height boost. “Spotted at Peter Do, Gucci, Simone Rocha, and more, platforms were everywhere this spring,” Aylen says. “This style marries fashion and stability, offering lift without the strain of a higher heel—a must-have for all summer vacations.”

When picking a pair of platform sandals, Mathur says to think outside the box of solid leather styles and to get creative with how you style them. “Opt for a seasonal material like raffia, and don’t be afraid to experiment with fun patterns in this playful style,” she says. “I’m wearing my flatforms with oversized jean shorts and a ‘90s baby tee.”


Classic Black Thong

Woman with brown long hair in a brown maxi dress with black thong sandals - Byrdie Summer Sandal Trends

Flip flops might feel like a casual relic of the past, but they happen to be one of the most stylish sandal silhouettes for summer 2024. “The best staple sandal for your summer wardrobe, [minimal black thong sandals] go with anything,” Parladé says. “They add a modern touch to any casual look, like trousers, or help bring down any formal attire, like an evening dress, with an unmatched ease and elegance. Depending on the material choice, from rubber to leather, these can be worn with practically anything.”


Gold Finish

Woman wearing white tiered eyelet dress, raffia handbag with flowers, and gold strappy sandals

Metallics can dress up any outfit, and this summer, metallic gold sandals are here to do just that. “My favorite trend this summer is metallic shoes, but gold specifically,” Parladé says. “These shoes add a touch of elegance to any summer look. I love seeing [gold sandals] against ‘duller’ palettes like army green and khaki, so they really pop, or a simple metallic shoe peeking out of an all-white set. I like to think they’re like a tiara, but for your feet.” (Of course, if you prefer dopamine dressing, gold sandals pair just as easily with bright colors and bold patterns.)


Fisherman Sandals

Woman in a blue denim dress with black leather fisherman sandals and white tote bag

If you prefer closed-toe silhouettes or more foot coverage overall but still want your feet to breathe, reach for a pair of fisherman sandals. The old-school, caged silhouette may look “ugly” or like it’s meant for dads, but it’s proving to be fashionable in the most functional way. As Aylen points out, the fisherman silhouette has popped up on Loewe, Miu Miu, and Prada runways, cementing it as a must-try style for summer 2024. 

“Like a breathable loafer, these office-appropriate summer shoes do great with or without a sock, adding charm to any look for the warmer months,” Parladé adds, noting that they’re a supportive summer footwear choice. “Pair with a dress or boxer shorts for that coastal prep aesthetic.”


Rope Details

Woman in a red plaid dress shirt with black denim shorts and rope slides

Along the same lines of the fisherman sandal, rope sandals are another “ugly” but actually fun sandal style for summer 2024. “Maybe it’s influenced by the fisherman sandal or the popular outdoor sandals from Tevas and Birkenstocks, but we have been seeing rope sandals on the runway for summer 2024,” López reveals. “This is something the masses can easily replicate or even DIY to their own sandals by adding some rope, shoe laces, or ribbon so they can participate in the micro-trend.”


Gladiator Sandals

Woman wearing a white button-down shirt with gold shorts and gold gladiator sandals

Another throwback silhouette that’s making a huge comeback for summer 2024? Gladiator sandals. It’s like it’s 2016 all over again, but with an elevated twist. “Definitely a statement sandal for the summer, I love how simultaneously minimal and maximal gladiator sandals can be styled in your summer wardrobe,” Parladé says. “Gladiators are great to balance out any micro silhouette like short shorts, or paired back to flowy sheer fabrics. I like to think of them as summer boots, grounding any barely there outfitting.”

Aylen is also a fan of the statement sandal. “At Never Fully Dressed, I love playing with metallics and fun styles,” she says. “Gladiator sandals are such a fun way to express your personal style and confidence. Flat or heeled, these sandals add a touch of drama to any outfit.”


‘90s Minimalism

Woman wearing floral smocked dress and black strappy minimalist sandals

Remember when Jennifer Aniston inspired the strappy, ‘90s-inspired sandal trend of a few summers ago? It’s back. From T-strap sandals and naked sandals to asymmetric strappy heeled sandals and kitten heel slides, silhouettes with thin straps are flooding our feeds.

“The sandal community is fairly divided into two camps right now—the maximalist chunky sandal with embellishments, hardware, and straps galore, and the minimalist sandal with skinny straps, micro buckles, and a nod to the ‘90s,” López says.  “The classic slip-on, barely there sandals from the ‘90s are back, and they are every fashion girl’s it-shoe of the season. They go with literally anything—denim, slip dresses, a micro mini skirt, a voluminous maxi skirt, or baggy pants. It’s the ‘white sneaker’ of the sandal family—it goes with everything; it’s simple, effective, and easy to pack in a suitcase.”


Modern Wedges

Woman wearing wedge sandals with an oversized striped cardigan vest and a knit maxi skirt - Byrdie Summer Sandal Trends

2014, is that you? Nope—it’s just the wedge sandal ricocheting back into fashion. “Love it or hate it, the wedge is making a comeback, and this time we’re seeing sleeker straps and silhouettes including acrylic, leather, and wood bases—not just cork,”  López says. “Much more wearable than a stiletto, mule, or slingback, a wedge is a perfect comfy heel option for a wedding guest dress, vacation, or a night out.”



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